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Friday, October 18, 2013

Iranian Goddess of Love and War

Anahita: Ancient Persian Goddess and Zoroastrian YazataAnahita: Ancient Persian Goddess and Zoroastrian Yazata by Payam Nabarz
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Payam Nabarz has compiled a nice size collection of authors and essays about the
Mazdean Goddess Anahita. Starting out as the head goddess in the Iranian Mazdean
religion Anahita found herself fluctuating in importance depending on the
religio-politics of the time .

Despite the fact that Iran is a Muslim country traces of Anahita's reverence can
still be seen. Pregnant women go to her shrines for a safe and easy delivery.
Female saints are bit thin disguises of who she is.

Often times compared to the Mesopatamian Ishtar or Inanna. She is a goddess of
love and war. Her symbols include the eight pointed star, Lions, beaver pelt and
sword sheath hanging from her side.

Like Aphrodite and Venus she is also a goddess of water. Being most likely a
river goddess, many shrines were dedicated to her that were right beside rivers
and hot springs. The hot springs with there varying Radon and mineral content
were often used for hydrotherapy. Her planet is Venus so Anahita is a Venusian
goddess .

Zarathustra came up with Zoroastrianism . Zoroastrianism is the monotheistic
version if Mazdeanism. Ahura Mazda is the head god while Ahriman is like the
devil. Such religious ideology had a massive impact on monotheistic religion
like Judaism.

Even with the elimination of many gods Anahita found herself at the second place
if the trinity. She is the virgin mother of Mithras. Bestower of sovereignty by
bequeathing the sword and rings of power.

Reading through this book you will see the Iranian influences if Iran on Western
Pagsnism, Christianty and Far Eastern Buddhism. Lady Anahita is the lady and
Mithras is The Lord .

In this book you will also find surveys of art work dedicated to Anahita and of
her . The meaning of her name will be discussed as well. Very thorough and
comprehensive book. You can get it at a good price from Amazon Kindle.

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