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Monday, July 30, 2012

Being Green on Greenwitchery

The Way of the Green Witch: Rituals, Spells, and Practices to Bring You Back to NatureThe Way of the Green Witch: Rituals, Spells, and Practices to Bring You Back to Nature by Arin Murphy-Hiscock
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Lately there has been a new trend in the sphere of Witch Craft, it is called Green Witch Craft.
I am not sure exactly what old witchcraft looked like but this path maybe more akin to the wise woman at the hedge who had explicit knowledge of herbs. The path of the green witch is about connecting with nature and running in unison with her rhythms. The green witch is not such a ceremonial person, there thing is about being connected to the earth and the land. The green witch's objective is to connect to the world, humanity and her local natural habitat as best as possible.

This book comes in a line of many books written about this latest trend. People are not much into high ceremonies and the book gives them alternatives. The book does have some great points about gardening, harvesting herbs and running an indoor garden. Ann Murphy gives advise about watering in door plants and about composting to give your soil much valuable nutrition. Of course like all herb book this one has a section on recipes for incenses, teas and bath mixes. All great and well something which could be found in Scott Cunningham's book on herbology.

Yet there is also a deeper philosophy behind Green witchery. It is a philosophy that promotes harmony with the world and keeping in tune with her cycles. The author advises staying connected with the cycle in your area and growing herbs an such that are indigenous to the area. The path also tries to promote health in mind body and spirit. Herbs and plants have always been helpful in that respect and gardening is considered therapeutic by some. Love is the key, love of yourself, individuals and humanity. The work of the Green witch is for the benefit of all. Happiness is the pursuit of everyone. The Green witch wants happiness for herself and others. Peace, abundance and protection are other principles that are striven for.

The green witch has a variety of tools at her disposal. Most Wiccans will have the chalice, athame, pentacle and a candle, for the Green witch it is way more practical and down to earth. Without saying herbs and plants are one of the main tools of the witch. She used them in her spells and her healing. Next are the witches hands which harvest herbs and makes the preparation. The Journal is where the witch watches her progress. The cup is a tool and the mortar and pestle for grinding her preparations. Bowls, Jars and canisters are her kitchen tools. Knives and scissor are used for cutting. The staff is her walking stick yet it also represents the world tree which helps the witch travel through the different worlds. Cotton. Gauze are tools. Power bags which hold her objects of power.

The author also recognized the need to create sacred spaces. This can be done by creating a shrine or an altar. Some homes have four altars one for each element and one does not have to be dogmatic about the direction. To make your home sacred it is advised that instead of the usual adding that one look at what they have and remove that which they find that they do not need. A heavy emphasis on cleanliness is essential for magical practice. The Green witch will purify her area regularly.

One example is the broom purification.

1. Stand in the middle of your room
2. Take three deep breaths
3. sweep from your right to your left. Don't touch the floor
4. Turn you body left and move in a counter clockwise motion
5. Slowly widen your circle until you reach your door
6. End purification with Bright and strong flows the energy through my home. This room is purified

Recipe for a room purification incense.
1 part Frankincense
1 part Copal resin
1 teaspoon of Lemon Zest
3 pinches of dried lavender
glass jar and mortar and pestle.

I would say for those just embarking on the path of the green witch this would be a good starter book. Yet it is not the end all. Definitely explore the works by Scott Cunningham and others. thre are more in depth books out there. Anyone who has been through the various Wicca 101 books will find nothing new here.

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