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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Travellers Guide to Fairy Sights

Travelers Guide to Fairy Sights
Janet Bord, Gothic Image Publications
September 2004

Planning a trip to the British Isles? Maybe you want to check out some of the sights that are associated with fairies. That's right these places are places where fairies have been seen. The is book is written like a Fodor's or Lonely Planet travel guide to fairy sights in Britain.

The book is divided into sections. Regions of England, Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man are divided up into regions. Each section gives you entry style descriptions of fairy sights in the area. At the beginning of each section is a map of the area and underneath the map is a number and the fairy sight. You can locate it on the map. I still think you will need a GPS though. After each entry is a story associated with the sight which helped make it famous. Some of the areas are in out of the way places and look pretty barren. Other area are located on Private property. The rest are easily located.

Many of the stories have common motifs. Some stories involve someone getting caught in a fairy ring and dancing in that ring for at least a year and maybe more. They are finally pulled out by some dedicated friends. Bent pins are thrown into wells as a sacrifice. Stories of changelings abound along with fairy lovers who return to fairy land after being with their husbands for a while.

The book is inspiring and makes for a quick read. If you are interested in fairies or interested in traveling to the British Isles I strong recommend reading this book.

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