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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk by Edain McCoy

Fairies used to play a more central role in magicackal ritual. Over the last several centuries their role has gotten smaller and smaller. Many pagans do not have the specific knowledge of fAERIES AND who they are as did the Pagans of old. Their specific identities and roles have been forgotten. In many of our rituals they are reduced to mere spirits or elemental. Edain McCoy would like to revive the knowledge of Faeries and start using them more in rituals.

Irish Celtic mythology seems to be the richest source of knowledge and folklore when it comes to Faeries. Indeed their are places in Ireland, Scotland and Britain where the people still see the faerie folk and hear them and their music. Feiries who live primarily in Summerland and Faerie land exist in the astral realms which are separated from our world by a few psychic layer. Most faerie sighting are in forest, the sea shore and by the rivers. Around the oceans of Ireland and Scotland sailors still report seeing faerie Island that are there one minute and gone the next.

In magical workings fairies are grouped with one of the four elements which are in turn connected with one of the four cardinal directions. West is with land, North with Water, south with fire and East with air. When a magician works with faeries or the fae they have to be very careful. Not all of the fae like humans in fact there are many who have an ambivalent attitude towards human folk. A good number hate humans. Faeries are often pranksters who enjoy a good laugh so they play lots of tricks. Still faeries can add lots of energy to a ritual and many of them are allied to specific deities which can even be more helpful. Gremlins are noted to have a strong hatred for humans while the Tuatha De Danan are very helpful.

There are several things to keep in mind when working with the fae. One is that when working your rituals it is always wisest to stay inside your circle and keep the fairies outside of your circle. You can place your offering outside the circle for the fae to enjoy and they can add energy to your ritual outside of the circle. When working with the Fae in gratitude for their assistance you are supposed to leave them an offering but do not thank them profusely as they do not like that. When visiting the land of the Fae one should not eat or drink anything they offer but politely decline. Dancing can be a bad idea if you get caught up and become unaware of how much time has elapsed. For visiting the land of the fae in your astral travels you should set up your own Astral temple that is stocked with an altar and magical supplies. Even when doing your rituals their when requesting assistance from the fae stay inside your circle. In working with the fae your astral temple should be right on the edge bordering the land of the fae.

Edain McCoy offers several tip in her book on working with faeries. The most valuable information is on protection against malevolent faeries and how to create your own thought forms. The book does have a glossary of over 230 faeries many of whom do not have any magical value or have a negative value. The helpful ones are in the minority. I have also found some listing that maybe spiritual but to me do not qualify as faeries. Dybuks in Jewish lore are disembodied spirits not faeries neither are Golems for that matter yet they are in their. The book does sport a good bibliography for future reference and further reading. I would give this book 3.5 stars out of five.

Protection against malevolent fairies

1. Iron is their enemy as is smoke and ashes. Sleep with Iron or keep some Iron in your breast pocket to drive away malevolent fairies. Smoke can be used for banishing and ashes can be used for a protective circle.

2. Certain herbs are very helpful. Besom can be kept by a hearth to drive away the fae or keep them out. Mirrors and broken mirrors keep the bad fae away. Put a fully intact mirror at your entrance as faeries don't like to look at their reflections in the mirror. Broken mirror shards in a container at the foot of your house also keeps them away. Making a satchel with Rowan in also effective in keeping them away.

Creating Faeries

1. Rubs your hands together for twenty minutes ass this creates the energy next visualize the faeries form and give it a job. they have to be recharged from time to time,


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