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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind

Richard Cypher aka Richard Rahl has defeated his evil father by using the Wizard's First Rule and having him open the wrong box of Orden. But all is not well. The veil between the living and the Underworld has been torn and the Keeper wants to take over our world. THe story opens in the People's Palace of Dhara. Richard is the new emperor but he is reluctant to assume the throne. In fact he is with the Mud people. Zed the wizard, Chase and his newly adopted daugthter are in the people's palace when a vile creature from the underworld called a Screeling is let lose in the people palace. It kills many people and injures them as well. It is is finally killed when Zed heats up the water and somehow freezes the Screeling. Only then can it be killed. After this episode Zed realizes that the has to travel all the way to Aydindril.

Kahalan the mother confessor and Richard end up with the Mud people. Scarlett a red Dragon flies them their. Richard can call upon the dragon any time. Scarlett hated Darken Rahl. While hanging out with the Mudpeople Kahlan and Richard formulate wedding plans. These get scuddled when the sisters of light show up offering Richard a way to deal with his heaqaches caused by his newly emerging subractive and additive magical abilities. THe headaches he is told could kill him. Wedding plans scuttled and Richard is collared with a Rada Han. Sister Verna escorts him through the lost desert, the land of the Majendie and Du Chaillu's land. Richard is rebelious at having to where the collar and fights it every step of the way.

Zed meets with his own adventure. He hooks up with an old freind Adie and both are attacked by a creature from the underworld called a Skrin. The bite makes them sick and the cure causes them to forget who they are. THey wont recover their memories untiol they reach Adydindril.

Kahlan after setting Richard off to the Palace of the prorphets heads to Aydindril. Along the way she must battle a new threat, the new inperial order wghich ravages any city that resists it. Kahaln and a stalwart army take the battle to the New world order but once in Aydindril kahlan is in for a surprise. She is accused of treason and murder and is publicly executed in front of everyone, or so they think. Richard eventually gets free from the Palace and the ending I wil leave to you to read.

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