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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Twelfth Planet by Zecharia Sitchin

Sumeria is the father off all our civilization. Mankinds alphabet, vocabulary, legends and science. The Sumerians also had vwery advanced knowledge of astronomy. They were a civilized high point amongtst a time of very primative people. Too advanced to be explained away by such a term as evolution or natural growth. Te author uses Sumerian legend and the bible to figure it all out, in those works lies the key. The twelve Gods are present in Sumerian,Mesopatamian, Greek and Roman Lore.

Who were these Sumerian gods? Where did they originate? Why are they so human like in their behavior? Due the cuneiforms etched in stone offer us any clues? Yes says Dr. Sitchin. They do. Back wheh the solar system was just forming and the planets had different names. A rogue planet called Nabiru or Marduk was sailing acoss the universerve when all of the sudden it got sucked into our solar system by a strong gravitational pull. As it sailed into our solar system it collided with a planet called Tiamat. The Planet broke in half leaving the other half to roam our solar system as Asteroids. These asteroids have an eliptical pattern. Nabiru also has an eliptical pattern. It does one revolution around our sun once every 3,600 E#arth Years.

Many years later inhabitants of Nabiru would visit Earth and settle their. These astronaughts from Nabiru were called Anunaki or Nephillim the fallen ones ones. They came to our planet after the ice age. THey found harsh conditions and the only area they could really settle was the plains of Mesopotamia. This plain was called Edin which meant plain. It was in Mesopatamia that they built spaceports for their space ships. There main puose was not settlement but mining for gold. Whcih was done off the Southern Horn of Africa. Many Anukaki worked in harsh work conditions until thjey finally rebelled. It was at this point that Anu the leader of planet Nabiru decided to vote in favor of the worker. THe anunaki then took indigenous Homo Erectus and performed genetic experiments. This created Homo-Sapeins the perfect worker. Later the flood would come leaving few human survivors. It was after this that the Anunaki chose to teach humans the rudiments of civilization.

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