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Friday, October 16, 2009

Dvar Torah on Chronicles

The last two dvar Torahs dealt with issues that pertained to morality today I shall deal with genealogies. The Book of Chronicles can into depth on the issue. I shall cover the important parts as adequately as I can. From the line of Ham was cursed for violating/raping/castrating his father. Came the like of Canaan and Mitzraim. From Mitzraim came Put and Phoenicia and Nimrod. Phoenicians were the considered the master shipbuilders of their time so considerable were their skills that King Solomon used them to build his Navy. They had great workmanship in terms of building and King Solomon put those skills to use at great cost. Nimrod was considered a great hunter. He was the first known conqueror of the world and he subjugated the entire known world. Ham came from Africa so it shows the impact that Africa has on the world.

Mitzraim we all know as Egypt, from them came the Philistines who took their boat all the way to Crete, Shardinia and Greece. The Philistine would become known as the sea people and were considered famous warriors. Canaan came twelve nation opposite in Holiness to the twelve tribes of Israel. They spoke the holy tongue and tried in some way to cleave to the holiness of the Jewish people. Looking at their ancient rituals one sees the obvious imitation of Jewish ritual. Two important Nations broke off from the Canaan. One that has disappeared was Hath who ended up fathering the Hittites. The Hittites became a huge empire in their time dominating the entire Middle East at one point. They were also a challenge to Egypt. The more important of the two and they are still around are the Chinese. They descended from Sino one of the Canaanite Tribes. They share many components with the Jewish people. They have a reverence for their ancestors and a love for education. They also have a belief that the leader is responsible for the welfare of his people and that when calamity befalls it is usually that the ruler has failed in his duty. The leader has an obligation to govern justly a he is Hashem's representative on Earth.

Next Dvar Torah will deal with the Japhetites.

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