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Monday, August 17, 2009

They Must Be Stopped by Briggite Gabriel

“They Must be Stopped” by Brigitte Gabriel

Author Brigitte Gabriel is Lebanese Christian who spent seven years of the war living in a bomb shelter. She has seen most of her friends and family killed of by what she calls “radical Muslims” In her second book Ms. Gabriel write to warn us that the Islamic fundamentalist are on their way over here and they plan on taking over. She says that they have no respect for our way of life and that they are using freedom of expression, political correctitude, and technology as means for taking us over. She claims that violence against those who do not believe in Islam. She pulls out several quotes to verify her point. Miss. Gabriel then goes on to discuss the five pillars of Islam and some of their early history. To sum it up she says that Islam spread by the sword and that Muslim make temporary treaties only to break them when it suits there purpose. Islam according to her spread al the way to China and North Africa and that Muslim armies made inroads into Europe. The Muslim occupation was pushed back only during the Industrial Age when the West had superior technology. She documents several schools that open up on US soil that preach Jihad and discrimination against those who do not practice Islam. Some of these schools are funded by American Tax payer. These schools also have connections to Hamas, CAIR and the Holy Land foundation. Several groups like the Muslim Brotherhood have military training camps in US soil. At the end of the book she outline a plan to combat the spread of Islamic Fundamentalism. Of course that entail joining her organization act.

I do find the book to be a bit on the Islam phobic side and it focuses only on a minority of the population. This book makes it seem like most Muslim are violent people. Yet Chapter 3 clearly states that a minority of Muslim drink their religion straight. Meaning that they follow it literally. Usually religious groups when they come here to America want accommodations. Ms. Gabriel says that Muslim taxi drivers are refusing to service people carrying alcohol and those having dogs. Airport according to her are setting up wash basis for Muslim prayer. Some companies have prayer rooms to accommodate Muslims but no such thing for Christians and Jews. Well I have not seen this but the strength of America lies in accepting new immigrants.FJ4PH-YM8LB

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