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Thursday, September 22, 2022

On Becoming a Teacher

 Robert Jackson is a motivational speaker, mentor, and educator. His first ambition was to be a football player, but things did not pan out. So, he went into teaching. His life story is rough. He faced bullying, mugging, molestation, and physical abuse. As a student the school system was against him and anyone else who was African American.  Most of the teachers where Caucasian as were the students. His school years were full of torment as Caucasian students would bully him and then he would get blamed. 

Robert Jackson wants to teach educator a new way to reach out to Latinx and African American students. First off, many students are dealing with issues at home which could mean physical and sexual abuse, friends getting shot and drug usage in the home. Educators need to understand their student’s background. There are 6 guideline an educational professional must use to reach out to students. 

The first concept is love; the students must know that you care. The second concept is trust. The students must trust the educator and the educator must give the student benefit of doubt. The third concept is fairness. Students must be treated in the same manner and their can be no favoritism. The next concept is support.  Teachers must encourage their students and honor the students’ choices and to be able to listen without judging. The next concept is accountability.  Educators must accept responsibility for there actions and attitudes and expect the students to do the same. Both students and educators must admit when they have made mistakes. Finally, there is safety. Students must feel safe, and teachers should not manipulate and intimidate their students. Physical space should always be respected. 

Educators must over come biases against their students. At times teachers will judge a student based on race, clothing, and background. There are ways to overcome these implicit biases and for a teacher to bridge the gap with their students. A teacher must understand the student’s background. The student’s home life travels with them. Often, they are in pain, and they will mask their pain by misbehaving and joking. They cover it up. Students can be very smart but being too much of a schoolboy can cause humiliation amongst their peers so they will cover it up. Educators need to have one to one discussion with the students to find out what is going on and students need someone who will listen to them. As teachers we need to resist the urge to stereotype our students based on biased media and perceptions we were taught growing up. 

The classroom set up is super important in making students feel safe. Setting up a daily routine provide structure for the students which lets them know what to expect and helps them feel safe. Color schemes are super important to motivate students. Teachers must also put in a positive message and be mindful of how negative images may be perceived.  

In terms of fighting bias and racism teachers must lead by example. If we hear racist comments, we have to speak out and correct it.  Bias is present in education as in other fields. Our students have different backgrounds then we do. Our biases might impact how we educate them.  

Being an educator can tough. It offers up a lesson In humility and one must be open in order to be a caring teacher. Education is tough but rewarding. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Missipian Star Cult

 In the area of the American South East there thrived up to 1000 AD the Missipian Culture of Native Americans.  They were called mound builders due to the burial mounds they left behind. The Native Americans, if you should ask them would say that they were built by the people who came before us. Who were these people that came before the Native Americans. When the mounds were excavated, or should I say destroyed, they turned up many interesting artifacts and many skeletons. Some of the symbols they found were the  eye in the hand symbol, raptor birds and monuments that would seem to represent Cygnus or Orions belt. These excavations stirred up lots of controversy. 

The biggest controversy dealt with the large skeletons. It was believed that a race of giants used to rule America, that is until a Native American tribe eventually wiped them out. These giant skeletons , of course would change the way history was being recorded.  Pseudo Archaeologists claim that the Smithsonian Institute was concealing them or covering it up. While there were several large skeletons even more than usual for a population there was no race of giants found. 

The severed hand with the eye in the middle once thought to be a universal symbol in fact represented the stars of Orion or Cygnus and the eye was the vortex the soul travelled through to reach their ancestors. Beneath the eye and hand was a spider that trapped unworthy souls and sent them to the underworld. In other mythos a large raptor bird stood in the path and blocked souls from traveling through the milky way. 

The beliefs were maintained by tribal leaders or elites who had absolute sway over the population. They were larger then the rest of the population and it was believed that they could determine where one went after they died. Eventually in many instances these giant elites were overthrown. 

Examining monuments one wonders whether they point to Cygnus or Orion. The author favors Cygnus and he gives his reasoning. Figuring out who the mound builders were we take what we know of Asians traveling across the Bering Straight during the Ice Age. We are talking prehistoric times here. The author speculates that these people were a mix of different populations. 

The first and most obvious is homo sapiens, the second Neanderthals , the third Denisovan and finally and unknown group called X. The giant height, two rows of teeth, high eyebrow bridge could all be throwbacks from the earlier interbreeding. Another groups of people called the Salutreans may have crossed over the Atlantic when it was frozen over. 

Going across the sea one sees many common beliefs, parallels and even art work the same on both sides of the Atlantic. One sees mounds, an obsession with the three stars (Cygnus or Orion), similar artwork and religious beliefs. Moreover the genetics were the same as well. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

God Magick Southern Style


Hoodoo is a working man’s magic. There are no spells but rather workings. It gets the job done. Hoodoo is amalgamated from religious practices of slaves brought over from Africa, European magic practices and native American practices. This form of magic developed in the south eastern united states. Some say it is the magical arm of voodoo. This from of magic used the Book of Psalms as magical verses with which to alter or influence reality. Anyone can do it no matter what gods they worship because it is all divinity. 

The working are in different areas and there is a chapter for each area of working. The first section of the working deals with gratitude and being thankful. These are petitions of gratitude when something goes right. The next session deals with working affecting love and friendship. These are love spells and friendship spells. The next session deal with health. This goes for curing illness to stopping bad dreams that you are having every night. The fourth section has working that deal with troublesome and evil spirits. The fifth section has working to protect us from our enemies and stop malicious gossip. The sixth section deal with working that affect the justice system. These working ask for lenient sentences and keeping the law away. The seventh section deals with dreams, influencing other people or gaining prophecy. The next section ask for forgiveness. And lastly the final section deals with finance. 

The working contained in this book are easy to do and not so complicated like Wiccan or Ceremonial Magic rituals. These are simple and to the point. Getting some of the ingredients might be a challenge unless you order on line or have a botanica near you. 

Here is a sample working taking from the book. It has the purpose of Winning Prizes or drawings. It can be performed any day of the week It employs the use of Bayberry incence. For this working you will need Buckeye root and Beth Root. The oil to be used will be Gambling or Bingo oil. Other materials you will need are a small red bag, dollar charm and seven strand of your hair. What you do is you burn the incense while making your mojo bag. Annoint each item with oil while saying the verses from psalm 113. Once the bag is completed then keep it with you while gambling. Let no one know about it. 

The Book of Psalms supposedly written by King David are not the words of God to man but rather man composing words to God. These words ask for wisdom, help guidance , love and money. It’s influence is not limited to only Christians and Jews but rather anyone can do the magic as divinity cannot be put in a box like the major religious denominations would have us do. Many of the grimoires such as the Heptameron use verses from the book of psalms. In addition to the use of psalms there are also practices the use of candles, oils, herbs and incense. 

Before doing any working one should take a cleansing bath or shower depending on what is available. These baths can be made or purchased but must use a high quality of ingredients. One should also prepare themselves mentally by doing meditation, listening to music or just sitting quietly. 

Many of the working will call for the practitioner to anoint themselves with magical oil. The places of anointing are forehead, wrists, back of knees and bottoms of feet . While anointing oneself they should be saying a prayer or declaring intention. 

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Aztec Gods of War

 Tozi is a magical person, daughter of a witch , and she has a great destiny before her. Trapped in the fattening pen of the Aztecs things start getting rather urgent. Persecuted by others for her magical ability and the increasing appetite of the Hummingbird God make it imperative for her to escape.

While in this fattening pen Tozi befriend a young baby Coyotl and a Mayan slave girl named Malinal.

On the outside things are getting worse. Europeans are arriving under the leadership of Hernan Cortes and they are armed to the teeth. Montezuma the great speaker hallucinates mushrooms and the a hummingbird god tells him to sacrifice 50 thousand women to help him to defeat Cortes. The blood sacrifices ar endless. It takes a heavy toll on the other tribes that are not under Aztec rule.

It is during this run of sacrifices that Tozi and her friend make their escape. Tozi links up with an Aztec spy who wants to bring down Montezuma. Together they hatch a plan. Meanwhile Malinal goes back to her home town where in we find she was royalty but through acts of betrayal found herself a slave. Coyotl gets lost in the mix.

While looking for sacrifices an Aztec chieftain is caught by Shikotenko a Tlascan warrior. The two fight and the Aztec nephew is left for dead . But he lives and through Tozi he lives but this is part of the plan.

All the while the Mayan are slaughtered by European munition. This is a work,of historical fiction . The author does a good job of exposing the flaws of both European and Native populations. Both were human and both had serious flaws . The coming of Europeans to America was not a good thing.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Mrs. Lucifer


Venus the second planet from the sun. It rises in our morning skies and descend In our evening sky. The ancients thought it was two different stars and the Canaanites viewed it as two different gods. The Greeks called the goddess Venus. But the morning star is recognized as Lucifer. So the Goddess was transformed from her original form into a devil. This happened to many deities. The Goetia is filled with them. The demons used to be pagan deities.

The Devil has several names among them Lucifer and Satan. Lucifer is the light bringer and Satan is the opposer. Two names are not the same being necessarily. Lucifer is a light bringer the enlightener, he is the one who educates mankind and brings them knowledge. He is the snake in the Garden of Eden who tells Adam and Eve to eat the tree of knowledge. Now they are like God knowing good and evil. They are growing up. God wanted us infantile and Lucifer wanted us to grow up.

Luciferian figure appear in all religions. Enki was the one who saved mankind and taught them the sciences. Prometheus gave mankind fire and taught them to use energy. He paid the price for it in tararus. Yet even after the snake or Lucifer was demonized his veneration continued.

Starting with biblical times when Jesus was about it should be known that he was not the only candidate for messiah. Apparently John the Baptist was a contender and was in direct competition to Jesus. The new testament washes over this and makes it like they were allies. Both John and Simon the Magus may have followed the feminine teaching and sacred sex rites that were practiced at the time. Of course we know who won out and the persecution would soon commence.

This gives rise to Gnosticism where In the belief is that an evil deity created this world to trap souls in a material prison. The good god of the universe sent various emissaries to redeem humanity. Amy say it was Jesus there are others who would say Lucifer was sent.

The Cathars were one such group that believed in the gnostic truth. They were persecuted and killed much like a holocaust. Things would then morph into witch hunts. Once again the feminine divine is being persecuted and so is the one who bring us knowledge. Various luciferian lived in Europe and America.

The list goes on to the likes of Leonardo Davinci who was an inventor that had to hide his inventions for fear of the inquisition. He played the biggest joke on the Catholic Church with the Shroud of Turin. Other Luciferians would include occultist like Aleister Crowley and John Dee. Each of these has exciting stories in their own right which will be fun to read up on.

Luciferian and enlightening ideas were spread throughout Europe via the Templars and the Masons. The Templars brought back Gnostic ideas from the Middle East, and though they were falsely accused of devil worship. Yet some of what they were accused of were rituals of Middle Eastern Gnostics many of whom revered John the Baptist. That meant spitting on the cross have and renouncing Christ.

It is the Luciferian principle that keeps us advancing and learning. The Churchianity we know of wants us to stay infantile.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Do You Believe in Monsters

Almost daily people are seeing strange phenomena that cannot be explained.  The anomalies can be described as monsters. Canines that stand upright. Bigfoot chasing people down, invisible monsters and portals. We are talking cryptozoology here. Animals that are not officially recognized by science. Some of these creatures appear and then disappear. Where did they go to and where did they come from?  There are millions of undiscovered species on this planet and scientist are finding new species every day. Some say that the creatures are part physical and part spiritual which gives them the ability to stay hidden from us. Other theories state that there are portals to other dimension and these creatures some how travel though them to our world.

The dogmen are basically humanoid like canines. They show up on people and tend to send psychic messages. While not many have been hurt there have been times when they have delivered a threatening presence.  There are times when the dogmen have chased people in their cars. Others who witness them feel that if situation were different the dogmen would be hunting them down. Many cases have been reported in Wisconsin . There was one instance when a young girl watches a man transform into a dog man. Could be a skin walker or shapeshifter. These are the most frequent sightings.      

The second most frequent are bigfoots. There are seen all over the place. They have been known to hunt deer and throw rocks at people. There have been reports of them appearing suddenly and then disappearing suddenly. Some even speculate that bigfoot might be able to affect the environment around him. Like making one feel fear and controlling the weather. Bigfoot is found almost all over the place.

People have been pursued by invisible beings. All they hear is leaves crunching behind them but never see anything. One person was abducted by invisible dwarves who wanted to kill him but in the end they let him go.          

The author discusses 33 different cases. In many, but not all the areas where these cryptids are found there are often sighting of UFO’s and flashing lights in the sky.       Some of these areas are known to be spooky with green mists rolling around making people sick and messing with the electronics. Thing is no one ever manages to get solid proof and credible people are often ignored or ridiculed.                                                                                                                       



Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Highest Torah


I am not sure if I walked out of this reading encounter with any profound wisdom under my belt but it was an entertaining read. The author out of high school goes to Jerusalem in order to do a million man march on the capital to legalize marijuana. It never happens. The author is on a quest to find the Torah of marijuana. All through the book he points to arguments that justify or at least mildly approve of marijuana usage. Of course there are arguments against it as well which he promptly rebuffs.

While in Israel he falls under the influence of Reb Shlomo Carlebach’s group. Many of them consume marijuana. Some of them even come up wit torah quotes while hi. The author did have issues in high school with laziness and inability to focus . That could have been ADHD. He bounced around from yeshiva to yeshiva. He got booted off his first program for smoking marijuana.

Through out the book he discusses issues that are impacting the Jewish community. Such issues as Zionism vs Anti Zionism, Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people and the divide between the mitnagdim and the chassidim. Plus there is some history thrown in as well.

The author has also studied Terrence McKenna and other ethneogenic gurus and he has a broad spiritual mind. Perhaps for an encore he should write Torah Quotes While Ingesting THC. I also knew some of the people he knew, like Dovid Hertzberg.


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