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Friday, February 16, 2024

Omuamuma the Interstellar Asteroid

 Extra Terrestrial

By Avi Loeb

It was a few years ago that an interstellar asteroid type object sailed through our solar system. It's long cigar like shape was rather od and it drew lots of attention. When I said interstellar I meant that it came from outside the solar system. It is very rare for objects to travel accross space and enter into another solar system. It would have to have lots of propulsion for it to travel from one solar system to the next. It was first spotted from a super strong telescope in Hawaii and hence teh name of the asteroid is call Omuamuma . It's trajectory was rather odd as it sailed right on through ou solar system and pat the sun. Usually objects like this smash into a planet or get caught in some other body's orbit. Since it caught a lot of attention there was speculation that this miht be extraterrestrial. That is waht Harvard's Avi Loeb felt, and this wnet against the established grain of thought that does not really believe in life out there in the stars.

This large rock is rather strange and some of the facts miht lean into extra terrestrial origin. First off in order fo it to sail through our solar system it had to have lots of force pushing it. This could happe though a planet exploding and bits o debris go flying around or someone sent it for one purpose or another. At certain points it appeared to accelerate in order for it to maintain speed and accelaerate it would have to have somekind of fuel. the burn off should have eroded some of the rock o taken some of th ice of it's surface. There have been speculaions as to why it is able to do that, some have said tha the ice was made of hydrogen but i does not hold water. Pardon the pun.

What could possible fuel this rock to fly. There is no exhaust coming from a fuel supply. The author says it is light sails that ge there power from sunight. The next question is what is this rock and what is it's purpose. the author posits that is could be a buoy or some debris from an old space craft. The cilization that produced i could be extinct. While the author spend a good chunk o the book discussing this interstellar object he also goes into the speculation about life in the universe and what it would be like t make contact. The author also suggests exploring other planets and doing archaeology to disover the remnants of other civilizations to see what we could learn from them. This part can get real philosophical. He also goes into his background as well. Informative read.


Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Shapeshifter Stories


Werewolf Stories =

By Nick Redfern

Stories about werewolves and wolf like creatures and more. Like the subtitle says they also talk about other shapreshifters. As if that is no enough even werewolves are varied and not easy to put into a category.

Never mind the legend that if you get bit by a werewolf or scratched by one you will become, total Hollywood legend. same for the silver bullet killing the werewolf. The only way to become a werewolf is to do magic to become one or if a sorcereror turns you into one. Stories are filled with the Gods punishing people by turning them into animals. King Lycas sacrificed bad meat to Zeus and for that he was turned into a werewolf. In Medieval Europe you have witches placing 7 year curses on people making them into wolves so they have to wander about in the wood.

Lots of people volunterily became were wolves. Usually this involves the werewolf having a magic wolf pelt that can turn them into a wolf if they wear it. Some do rituals in circle but it is always a wolf pelt. Stories abound of elderly women o strang men living somewhat off from the rest of society who have a pelt and when they put it on a wolf will terrorize the village by eating people or livestock. When hunters wound it and follow the trail of blood it leads to that strange person's house. Persone would later die of their wounds. Norse legends had warrior bands going out into th forest and doning wolf skins from this they would be turned into wolves for a certain period of time.

Where do the concepts of werewolves come from ? One guess would be the Norse Berserkers who would don a wolf o bear skin and rage on the battle fild as though they were wild animals and totally impervious to pain. They were called Bear Serkers or war wolves. The Ulfreddin were warrior swho donned wolf skins and faught in packs. It is also said that withces can shapeshift into any animal they desire and they can summon animals as well.

Modern day America has it's share of werewolf type creatures roaming around. The Beast of Brey Road in Wisconsin is know as a wolf man who is really tall an chases after cars down the road. Fortunatly non one was hurt. Often times these beast or more frightening than harmful. One could question if they are entirely physical. The Author Nick Redfern saw a wolfman creature come for him in his house and as it reached his bed it disappeared. Some of these creatues are tracked and pursued often to only have them disappear. Are these creatures extraterresrial or are they inbterdimensional creatures?

Shapeshifters exist th world over. In America you have skin walkers who are evil sorcerors who take any animal shape they want and they are dangerous to humans. You have have hyena men, jaguar men from Africa and the Americas. The author discusses many shapeshiting creatures out there and their origins. Very informative read.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

The Science Behind the Legend of Big Foot

 Out in the forests of America, especially on the West Coast there exists a very hairy and large biped.  Native Americans call it sasquatch, popular vernacular identifies the beast as Big Foot. It's existence is very difficult to prove as no one has ever produced a corpse or brought in a live specimen. The Only evidence produced is scat, footprint and some very questionable hair samples. Large hairy ape like creatures are found all over the world. In the Himalayas you have the Abominable Snowman or the Yeti. Since Sasquatch's existence is so hard to prove the author strives to do that using science.

As mentioned earlier there are no physical specimens in captivity. Just cause a live one has not been caught does not mean that it does not exist. Many animals exist but canot be kept in captivity. Of course we have all seen footage of great white sharks which cannot be kept in captivity. Yet scientists are discovering new species daily.  Bigfoot is elusive. Few people have seen him and when they come forward they are often ridiculed our someone says that they have mistaken it for some other animal out there. The Photos and videos that are produced are often labeled as hoaxes and experts will find something wrong with it. The pictures oten times do not produce a very clear image.  Bigfoot remains have not been found either. Of course it is hard to find skeletal remains of animals that we know do exist. The skeletons disappear or rot away very quickly . Over all the places where these giant hairy ape like creatures have been found , very few remains have been found.

Native American legends describe the Sasquatch as a tribe of beings who used to kidnap their women and even mate with their women. Sometimes these monsters would even eat people. Sasquatch appears to be omnivorous. Giganticus pithicus appears to be a distance ancestor of the Big Foot and he lived in Southern China. The author makes the case that Giganticus Pithicus traveled nothward due to climate changes  until it reached Siberia from Siberia it crossed teh Bering Streit into America.

The main evidence the author focuses on are the foot prints and the Patterson Gimli film showing big foot running accross a sand break. It has generated controversy. Many of the footprint were found in very out of the way places where very few people dare to venture.  To call these foot prints a hoax missing the point as to why a hoaxer would hang out in some desolate area and pretend to be big foot. The author goes examinations of the films and foot print.  While nothing is conclusive the things is not human.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Story of Inanna Retold


Inanna : Book One of the Sumerians

By Emily H Wilson

Finally some good fiction about the Annunaki from Sumeria. I wish it would reach best seller status and become a movie but I guess that is wishful thinking. Great book and I mean it. Could not put it down. The story centers around Inanna , Although the point of view shift over to Ninshubar, Gilgamesh and some times Ereshkigal.  While te Annunaki are superior being they are more like super humans as opposed to invincible deities. Thus plugs into the mythos that if the Gods ate some food they could become immortal and live forever but do not get the food then they become like us. The story also plugs into the Ancient Aliens theory by having them say they came from heaven in a ship called the thunderird. The Mees they wear on their wrists are like superior technolgy and the melam or black pwder they use to give them their powers might be produced in a laboratory.

The story starts out about Inanna the first Annunaki who is born on earth who is actually Anunaki . Usually the Annunaki cannot breed or if they are lucky they come out as mortal. The melam makes them gods. Gilgamesh is mortal but was born of Anunaki parents. The story then switches over to Gilgamesh who is on the run from king Akka of Akkadia. Once he is captured he is a hostage in Akka's court. While in Akka's court he seduces the kings daughter which renews a conflict between Enlil, a god and Akka. Soon Gilgamesh is forced in to a marriage with Della , Enlil's daughter. Gilgamesh goes on to fight several battle. Ninshubar is a warrior who adopts a hairy man named Potta. Her adventures include getting captured and sold as a priest to lunar temple. SAhe ends up in Enki's prison and escapes to be united with Inanna.

Enki in Sumerian mythology is a good god who helps out mankind. In this tale he is cruel and sadistic. He arranges the marriage of Inanna to Dumuzi his son. Enki captures Inanna mom and imprison's her. While at Enki's castle Ningal, Inanna's mom tells her t o go to Ereshkigal in the underworld. The rest of the story follows the mytholgy but with a different interpretation. She goes down to get her Mee fixed so she can challenge the evil Enki. But Ereshkigal bears her sister no love and you know the story. In the end it is Enki who has the means to save her. An sends Gilgamesh to get more  Melam. In the end it will be Inanna vs Enki. Her Mee starts to work and she is ready to fight and assume control.

The book effectivey tells an alternate story to the mythology.

Monday, January 22, 2024

The History of Soma


Cannabis and the Soma Solution

by Chris Bennet

In India there was an elixir called Soma which brought one closer to the gods. In Iran it was called Haomas this too brought one closer to the gods. The big question is what is Soma or Haoma made of. There has lots of specuation. Author, Chris Bennett, makes the argument that the main ingredient was cannabis. Cannabis was introduced by to the world by the Scythians. At first they burned the seeds in an enclosed tent. Later they would graduate to smoking and then finally makin an elixir or drink out of it. The scythians went all over the place. They went to Europe, India, Iran and the use of cannabis spread with them. All the while making his argument that cannabis was the ingredient in Soma he goes through the history of how cannabis influenced many civiliations. Among the civilizations are Persia, India, Ancient Israel, Arabic world and european civilization. 

There has been debate that Soma or Haoma was made with Barsom, Ephedra, Cannabis and Amanita Muscaria.  The author desribes the effect of these herbs or substances on the human being and then he describbes the effects of Marijuana.  Over the years the original recipe for Haoma became lost.  there may have been substitutions.  Under Zoraster when he founded Zoroastrainism  began to limit the use of cannabis to the elect priesthood. In the bible the annointing oil may have been cannabis. It was healing and could bring about visions. It was used for annointing as well. Jesus may have imbibed a cannabis mixture before he got crucified. Enough cannabis can make someone appear dead.

buddha himself ate nothing but hemp seeds when fasting. His visions of nirvana may hve been induced by Marijuana. He was also called Saka which is the chinese word for Scythian. In Egypt it is not talked about too much. But it was used in medicine, food making and making clothes. In Greece there ar some mentions of it but not much. I might have been used to help induce vision. Dionysus was first a god of the bud before switching over to wine. In the Islamic world and India fakirs and mystical Islamic sects consumed cannabis to reach their ecstatic states. Hashishim are said to have used hashish to drug new recruits into thinking they had a taste of paradise. they got intoxicated then woke up in a  pleasure garden. Of course no evidence of these pleasure garden.

Cannabis has been used in spiritual system since time immemorial. Slowly the world is waking up to it's value.nabis and the Soma Solution


Friday, December 29, 2023

Realm of the Annunaki


the Land of the Watchers

By Dr. Heather Lynn

  In the ast few years there has been rather an intense amount of interest in the middle east. Skipping past the Gaza incident we look at American involvement in Iraq. After all Mesopotamia was the land o theAfter all Mesopotamia was our first civilization. It was the land of the watchers.  The watchers werer the Annunaki or the ones who came from heaven. It was the first civilization ever and a giant leap from hunter gatherers. Hunter gatherers can build temple complexes and simple dwelling but they could not build complex cities with a modern buracracy that takes care of all society's needs. No one knows where the annunaki came from. The Sumerians left behind several documents in Cuneiform. One of them was the "Tablet of Destinies"

The real reason why Iraq is of such interest is not because of the oil. There are other factors at play. Those factors are archaeology and documents. While ISIS was ravaging Syria and Iraq they also raided the museum and destroyed many ancient Mesopotamian artifacts. They knew what they were going after. They had expensive ear pieces and chose their target of destruction carefully. Why destroy this stuff and who sent these guys. The main interest is in the artifacts and documents. When people destroy archaeology you are cutting off humanity from it's origins. Why would they want to do that? There is something they do no want us to know.

As relics are destroyed or bought out by private collectors our access to the truth is cut off. To learn the history we have to ask and be dependent on so called experts. There is something they are trying to hide what is it? Humanities origins? After all they suppressed the book of Enoch. Technology? If they were aliens wouoldn't you want it. then there are the kings lists. this is what everyone is after . The names of kings and how long they lived. Many billionaires believe they are descended from Ancient Mesopotamian families.

Society is meant to serve people but it also controls them. Rulers set up institutions t promote their ideology. they tell us what we want. As Dr. Lynn went pursuing the bread crumbs she met retired professors nd UFO nuts. She was also followed by one of these rich families and taken to their head quarters with a bag over her head. In look forward t reading more of her works.


Thursday, December 7, 2023

A return to the Grisaverse


King of Scars

Leigh Bardugo

Welcome to the Grisaverse! these days we are exposed to the monsterverse, DC Universe, Marvel universe . I think you get the picture. Now if you are familiar with the Netflix series "Shadow and Bone" you will find yourself very famiiar with this extension. Taking place after Sancta Alina defets the Darkling or the Starless one, King Nicolai is running the kingdom of Ravka. The kingdom is still beset by war, Fjerda eants to attack, Shu wants to attack and in different kingdoms the Grisha are being huntered down by Druxel . Grisha are witches and Druxell are witch hunters. The story starts off with a beast about to attack a young boy. Fortunately for the boy Zoya a general in the Ravkan army is there to save him. Yet, she does not kill the beast but rather leads him away. In the country of Fjerda they are rounding up Grisha. Nina has the job of getting them to Ravka safely. As Nina explores Fjerda she become aware that certain areas are contaminated with poison. The water is undrinkable.  Nina also gets communication from the dead. The dead are urging her to investigate the source of contamination.

The beast is in fact King Nicholai . When the Darkling was defeated he infected the king with part of his shadow. So every night the king must be chained up kind of like a werewolf to keep him from harming others and to keep his curse a secret. Ravka has no heir. He has got to get married. In Fjerda Nina investigates a factory where Grisha are being held like labrats forced to endure inhumane experiments. A drug that effects Grisha has been released out into the world. Parem is the name of the drug. It increases Grisha power manifold but it also wastes them away and kills them. Nina was hooked on that once before and beat the addiction. Not many cn beat the addiction. While spying on Fjerda they hole up in a nuns convent. They stay there and teach the language of Zemeni in exchange for food and lodging. The dead are calling out to Nina.

Back in the kingdom more statecraft ensues. Deals for new wr machines . Spies watching enemy countries trying to get wind of new miliatry machines. For king Nicholai the beast within is getting harder to control. The Apparat much like the clergy in Medievil Europe wileds great power and sometimes goes against royalty. A new monk arrives on the scene with other monks following. They wish to magnify the Darkling into a saint. The idea is appalling everyone wants this moink dead except for king Nicholai. He has a plan, a plan to help rid him of the beast and make use of Yuri the monk. So they take a journey to the Fold inn order to do a ritual to rid him o this beast. In Fjerda after securing lodging , Nina and her company investigate the factory that is dumping water into Fjerda's rivers. Inside the factory they are experimenting on Grisha with a synthetic version of Parem. They are weponizing magical workers.

Once in the fold both Zoya and Nicholai face sets of challenges and recieve some training as well. They will not leave the fold the same as when they went in there. Nina an company investigate the factory and attempt to rescue the imprisoned Grisha. A fine story to abn awesome series.


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